Event Dates: 
Jan 25 2018 - Feb 22 2018
Event Location: 
POLAND - click to discover dates and venues
Event Description: 
DISCOVER SIM2 NERO4 UHD HDR. OUR EXPERTISE WILL DEMO IT FOR YOU AND ANSWER ANY QUESTION YOU MAY HAVE.<br><br> <strong>POLAND</strong><br><br> <strong>25-29 January 2018<br> Cinematic</strong><br> ul. Piotra Ignuta 89<br> 54-151 Wrocław<br><br><br> <strong>30 January 2018<br> Audio Complex</strong><br> ul. J.H. Dąbrowskiego 483<br> 60-451 Poznań<br><br><br> <strong>31 January 2018<br> iComfort</strong><br> Zagrodnicza 16 A<br> 61-654 Poznań<br><br><br> <strong>1 February 2018<br> Audio Strefa</strong><br> ul. Głogowska 122<br> 60-243 Poznań<br><br><br> <strong>2-4 February 2018<br> Light System</strong><br> ul. Domańskiego 29<br> 45-819 Opole<br><br><br> <strong>5-8 February 2018<br> VELVETHERTZ</strong><br> Ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 82<br> 30-074 Kraków<br><br><br> <strong>23-30 August 2017<br> Audio Styl</strong><br> Al. Roździeńskiego 91<br> 40-203 Katowice<br><br><br> <strong>13-14 February 2018<br> Audio Park</strong><br> ul. Szosa Lubicka 12 lok. 5<br> 87-100 Toruń<br><br><br> <strong>15-19 February 2018<br> ARC Studio</strong><br> ul.Chopina 1A/1A<br> 81-752 Sopot<br><br><br> <strong>20-22 February 2018<br> AV Net</strong><br> ul. Ostrobramska 104/38<br> 04-118 Warszawa<br><br><br> <strong>Stay tuned for more dates and countries</strong>
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Coming soon to a city near you!