SIM2 News
9 September 2009

SIM2 Enhances Grand Cinema series with NEW Reference Design

The Grand Cinema™ C3X LUMIS brings single chassis excellence to premium line of front projectors

CEDIA EXPO – September, 2009 - SIM2 Multimedia is proud to announce the Worldwide premiere of the SIM2’s Grand Cinema™ C3X LUMIS during the 2009 CEDIA EXPO, September 10-13 in Atlanta, USA.

The Grand Cinema™ C3X LUMIS projector, latest addition to SIM2’s award-winning Grand Cinema™ C3X series, is totally unique to SIM2 and represents the culmination of 10 years of innovation and research in the fields of video projector design and technology. Among the smallest and highest-performing Full HD 3-Chip projectors on the market, the Grand Cinema™ C3X LUMIS is packed with power for premium performance all within the dramatic industrial design for which SIM2 is justly famous.

The Grand Cinema™ C3X LUMIS projector achieves extraordinary picture quality through the partnership of the latest 0.95" 1080p DC4 DLP® chipset from Texas Instruments, the precision optics of SIM2’s new re-designed ALPHAPATH™ light engine, SIM2’s DynamicBlack™ technology enhanced solution, and a completely re-designed electronics assembly. No other projector technology can match the superb color depth, black level performance, excellent contrast ratio (up to 35,000:1) and exceptional brightness (up to 3000 ANSI Lumens*) that the Grand Cinema™ C3X LUMIS is able to deliver. The improved black level performance enables the Grand Cinema™ C3X LUMIS to produce images that contain the maximum amount of detail possible in dark scenes without compromising black level or the excellent dynamic range available from DLP technology.

SIM2 has developed a unique solution to achieve this, using three distinct specialized components: a user adjustable iris, DynamicBlack™ technology and a new dimmable lamp. These key ingredients allow Grand Cinema™ C3X LUMIS to be easily configured to meet the exacting requirements of a wide range of home theatre and professional applications, optimizing light intensity and black level to each scenario.

The new ALPHAPATH™ light engine is featured with two key components. First, a new die-cast aluminum body dramatically improves thermal management of the light engine, which means we are able to use a more powerful lamp to deliver brighter images. Secondly, a new tapered rod-integrator, designed to accept the raw light energy from the lamp and convert it into a pure & refined beam of light. It is also where the light spot from the lamp is converted into a 16:9 aspect ratio before it hits the DMDs. After many ray-tracing simulations, SIM2’s team of optical engineers found the best possible result in terms of image quality was not obtained through a classic rectangular-rod but with a longer tapered one. This new design helps further improve brightness uniformity and efficiency of light transmission.

Of course, the latest SIM2 achievement incorporates the functions and features demanded by custom-theater designers and installers. The Grand Cinema™ C3X LUMIS delivers two selectable HDMI 1.3 inputs (both fully HDCP-compliant), as well as inputs for legacy formats component-, S-, and composite-video, as well as RGB connection. Both RS-232 serial and USB ports are included to ease connectivity for control and software/firmware communications. Even 12-volt trigger outputs, as well as IR-sensor inputs, are on board for total flexibility of installation and control.

In the best SIM2 tradition, the Grand Cinema™ C3X LUMIS is housed in a new stunning cabinet by renowned industrial designer Giorgio Revoldini. Colours are not simply the final aesthetical touch of a SIM2 product, but also the most versatile choice in home-positioning. Chromatic choices of great impact have led to a rigorous colour and finish selection and, therefore, to the widest decor compatibility. The Grand Cinema™ C3X LUMIS is available in the standard High-Gloss Gun Metal finish or in White, Black or Red color case that sports a combination of two different materials: the elegant and matte finish coupled with a glamorous and shiny one to create the ultimate design that will not be overlooked.

SIM2 unveilled the revolutionary new Grand Cinema™ C3X LUMIS projector at CEDIA EXPO 2009.

Availability: Now shipping
Finish Options: High-gloss Gunmetal (standard), Black, Red, and White color options available to order.