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2 December 2009

SIM2 Makes Red, Green, and Blue Sparkle

Now Shipping: High-power LED projector with 30,000 hours of LED life expectancy

Pordenone, 1 December 2009 - SIM2 continues its domination of the home theater projector arena with the launch of its first entry in the single-chip LED FULL-HD DLP® projector market, the Grand Cinema™ MICO 50. Aptly named - MICO is Latin for ‘sparkle’- the new model offers an eco-friendly, long-lasting, brilliantly colored front projection option to home theater enthusiasts of discerning taste.

Advantages of the SIM2 LED-powered Grand Cinema™ MICO 50 projector
- The LED light source provides purity of primary colors with a wider and more consistent color gamut
- LEDs offer extremely stable color characteristics over their lifetime (typically less than 5% variance)
- The Red/Green/Blue LEDs deliver ultra-fast sequential color picture information, without the use of an optical color wheel
- Very quick power on/off
- The LEDs estimated lifetime is 30,000 hours. No maintenance is needed on the light source with consequent low cost of ownership
- Eco-friendly: mercury and lead free – no special recycling is required
- Very low noise thanks to a new advanced, liquid cooling system

The Grand Cinema™ MICO50 sports SIM2’s PureLED technology, a combination of 3 high power LEDs, DLP® chipset, advanced video processing, and a new light engine.

1. The light source utilized in the PureLED technology is a trio of high power Phlatlight LEDs by Luminus (one for each primary color Red, Green and Blue) directing light into the projector optics without going through an ordinary projector’s color wheel. An LED light source can output a pure and narrow light spectrum, allowing higher light engine efficiency and perfect color matching. The Grand Cinema™ MICO 50 uses an 8-bits-per channel high-speed current driver that – thanks to a sophisticated sensor positioned in the light engine - balances the light intensity coming from the three LED modules, precisely matching the projector’s light output to the incoming video signal. Furthermore, the driver is able to switch off the 30A driving current to each LED in less than 1 microsecond.

2. The Grand Cinema™ MICO 50 is equipped with TI’s latest Darkchip4™ chipset and DynamicBlack™ technology. This pair of future-proof features allows the MICO 50 to deliver outstanding Full HD images on-screen, with an impressive Full On-Full Off contrast ratio of 100,000:1.

3. SIM2’s PureLED technology implements video processing with enhanced i/p conversion algorithm that allows the Grand Cinema™ MICO projectors to deinterlace and scale both standard and HD signals and reproduce them in full-HD resolution.

4. SIM2’s LED optical engine is more light-efficient offering additional light output.

SIM2’s Grand Cinema™ MICO50 projector offers a totally new home theatre experience in terms of picture quality, with the bonus that the typical life of the LED modules is estimated at 30,000 hours. At the same time, the output of the LED stays consistent over its entire lifetime, with average lumen decay of less than 5% after 2000 hours.

With a technologically advanced liquid-cooling system, the Grand Cinema™ MICO 50 is able to reduce its operating noise to an extremely quiet level. Moreover, cooling the Phlatlight LEDs directly helps to achieve an even greater LED lifetime than that typically quoted, as well as to maintain color reproduction consistent throughout the years.

LED lighting technology is the only truly eco-friendly light source, making the new SIM2 model a truly “Green’ projector.
- Stand-by consumption below < 1W
- Mercury and lead free
- No replacement or stockpiling of hazardous materials

SIM2’s Grand Cinema™ MICO 50 will be available with two different lens options: T1 (short-throw) and T2 (long-throw), with a total TR range 1.5 – 3.9:1. Both lenses come with motorized zoom and focus control as standard. Moreover, the MICO 50 is equipped with both vertical and horizontal motorized lens shift to ease installation.

Availability: Now shipping
Finish Options: High-gloss Gunmetal