SIM2 News
4 September 2010

EISA Award 2010-2011 for Best Projector goes to...

SIM2 MICO 50 DLP LED Projector!

SIM2 is proud to announce that MICO 50 DLP LED Projector has won EISA Award 2010-2011 for the best projector.

Quoting the reasons for the prize:

"The home theatre enthusiast will love it: the SIM2 Grand Cinema Mico offers amazing picture quality with near perfect colours and amazing black level due its ‘Dynamic Black’ feature. The single Chip DLP projector is based on a new high quality technology that uses RGB LED’s with a lifetime of 30,000 hours as a light source. The usual mechanical rotating colour wheel is no longer needed inside the optical engine. LED technology delivers instant power-up and down coupled with high picture quality lasting for many years without discernable degradation. Removing the need to purchase replacement mercury-based lamps offers the Mico 50 green credentials while saving you money. A range of high quality zoom lenses brings further flexibility to this maintenance-free, high picture quality, low noise offering.

Important Reasons
  • Single chip DLP with no colour wheel
  • LED lighting system lasts for 30.000 hours
  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • Choice from a range of quality zoom lenses
  • Instant on/off"
  • Click the link below to see the visual citation from EISA website
    European Video Projector Award 2010-2011