SIM2 News
17 May 2011

Way to visit SIM2 at HIGH END 2011 and assist 3D DEMO

WEKA Booth at ATRIUM 3 room C112 first floor

SIM2 is "Technologie-Partner" of WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING GmbH.

The M.O.C. in Munich hosts the HIGH END, our well-known, popular and successful specialist trade fair, which sets the tone in Europe in the truest sense of the expression. Some consider it to be the definitive source of audiophiles inspiration. Others see it as a business date of the highest priority. And both are right.

Whether warmly glowing tubes or "cool" calculating signal processors, whether stylish turntables or silent-running hard disks - the HIGH END® integrates all technologies that transport music, clean and unadulterated into your living room, regardless if you prefer 2, 3, 4 or even 6 sound channels. And of course, the trade fair forges a new link to high resolution television and video for the ultimate experience in music and media entertainment.

1st day open only for trade visitors by pre-registration

Admission: Dayticket 10 Euro
Find HERE every detail for participating to the DEMO