SIM2 News
11 September 2011

CEDIA EXPO 2011: Largest Product Launch in SIM2 Company History

15 Models to Celebrate 15 Years of Home Cinema Excellence

Miramar, Florida—September 9, 2011—The 2011 CEDIA Expo marks the high-point of SIM2’s 15th-anniversary celebration. The company is proud to unveil its remaining products for an unprecedented total of 15 new models launched in 2011. The new SIM2 models are based on five distinct platforms: CRYSTAL, MICO, NERO, LUMIS, and CINEMA, and include the first home theater implementation of triple-flash 144Hz 3D technology, the world’s first active 3D LED single lens home cinema projector and the new UNITHROW lens system.

“This is a very special year for our company—celebrating 15 years of business, pride of ownership, and a stunning showcase of our R&D excellence,” said Alberto Fabiano, Executive VP for SIM2 USA. “We are flexing our technical prowess this year at CEDIA with 15 new models, including some key firsts. We are offering ‘a projector for every dream’, and thanks to our product development team we can deliver an evolving range of class-leading projection systems at the forefront of video technology, sure to inspire and impress customers at every price point.”

SIM2 has developed this comprehensive selection of models to meet the wants and desires of an ever increasing customer base that expects the very best in quality and performance, from the Luxury Custom Installation customer to the demanding needs of professional studios, with bespoke solutions for every environment and purpose. From the CINEMA, LUMIS, NERO and MICO projectors – with their captivating, unmistakable design and revolutionary technical features, to the CRYSTAL line that packs superb performance into a compact design.

NERO Platform
SIM2’s NERO Series is a four-model line single-chip DLP-based projectors that have the power and precision required to meet the demanding criteria of today’s projection applications: deep black level and accurate colorimetry, large screen size, ambient light conditions, artifact-free motion and the ability to reproduce the extended depth of 3D. In the NERO, SIM2’s renowned product development team has created a projector line with the light output, color accuracy and image clarity normally only associated with larger and more costly projector. With its compact chassis, NERO has the perfect balance of power, precision and innovation.

LUMIS 3D Platform
The LUMIS 3D projectors are totally unique to SIM2 and represent the culmination of over 10 years of innovation and research in the field of video projector design and technology. The LUMIS 3D line features a choice of three active models (the LUMIS 3D-UNO, LUMIS 3D-SOLO and LUMIS 3D-SOLO HC) and one passive model (LUMIS 3D-DUO), each differing its own level of sophistication, whilst offering unprecedented picture quality for the discerning customer. The LUMIS 3D Series is the first and only on the Home Theater market to utilize triple flash 144 Hz 3D technology—the same technology used by cinemas to produce natural-looking, flicker-free images.

The LUMIS 3D Series emulates the best 3D cinema projection systems, in terms of color fidelity, definition and depth of image. These are all conveyed accurately with the LUMIS 3D SOLO, as is the fluid motion of fast-action movies and sports, adding up to an incredible 3D experience at home.

Designed for use in Reference Home Cinemas, Media Rooms and Family/Games Rooms – in both 2D and 3D, LUMIS 3D projectors feature three user modes, each optimized for the various demands of movie, sports and 3D viewing:

• PureMovie. This mode reproduces movies in their native format (24fps, etc.), for a more ‘film-like’ image. Recommended for movie watching in 2D.

• PureMotion: Fast-action sports viewing benefits from smooth motion, free from the ‘smear’ and ‘judder’ that can affect image quality.

• PureMotion 3D: The demands of 3D are such that careful processing must be carried out to ensure artifact-free images with smooth motion are created on-screen.

MICO 100 Platform
The MICO 100 series is a truly revolutionary line: a potent mix of two of the latest cutting-edge technologies – LED and 3D, in a stunning new cabinet design, adding depth to the existing line of MICO models. This introduction is the world’s first active 3D LED projector line – and yet another landmark product set for SIM2.

SIM2 has developed an enhanced version of its PureLED technology for the MICO 150 and 160 models, a true all-digital system, with a trio of LEDs (red, green and blue) acting as both light and color source for the DLP® chipset. The purity of color and the ability of this technology to deliver light as and when it is needed provide the MICO 160 and150 with the ability to produce rich, dynamic and colorful images, offering a 25% increase in light output over the existing MICO models. The MICO 160 uses SIM2’s ProPower electronics, a true dual-channel signal processor that surpasses the home theater standard for 3D projection, and offers the same optimized picture modes as those used in the LUMIS 3D Series for 2D and 3D viewing.

For customers who do not require the extended contrast ratio and higher light output provided by the new enhanced PureLED technology, SIM2 offers the MICO 140 model, which uses PureLED as its basis.

CRYSTAL Platform
The CRYSTAL Series Full HD single-chip DLP design offers bright, crystal-clear, high-resolution images. The stunning, modern look of the CRYSTAL Series, courtesy of renowned industrial designer Giorgio Revoldini, represents a new era in projector design for SIM2. Both the 35 and 45 models are offered clad in a luxurious glass-accented cabinet in high-gloss white or black. As an elegant alternative to large, flat TVs, the CRYSTAL Series integrates beautifully into any living space while offering whisper-quiet operation.

Cinema Platform
The new CINEMA line is the culmination of SIM2’s rich history of designing and manufacturing high-performance home cinema projectors.

Comprising of the CINEMA 90 and CINEMA 100 models, this NEW line of 3-chip 3D DLP projectors is designed for use in Reference Home Cinemas where very large screens (typically over 15 feet wide) are used and high light output is mandatory. This delicate balance between sheer power and the ability to accurately define the dynamics of an image is crucial for true high-end image quality. The CINEMA series, powered by a dual 400W lamp system, is the new high-end reference standard, against which all others will be judged.

SIM2’s CINEMA line delivers images with both very high brightness (up to 10,000 lumens) and high contrast (up to 10,000:1). SIM2 has created a new electronics platform (SIM2 PRO POWER) for the Cinema line, specifically designed with the future in mind. The creation of a new electronics platform that has the processing power required to optimally reproduce video formats like Full HD 3D was a strict requirement when the unit was designed. The Cinema line’s advanced video processing electronics, with enhanced keystone, ‘warping’ and spatial color correction capabilities ensure that any required image manipulation, from a vertical stretch in 3D, to an edge-blended multi-projector set-up, is easily achieved. An array of dedicated inputs is available including HDMI 1.4 and 3G HD-SDI.

Alberto Fabiano concludes, “Continuing our leading-edge tradition, we believe the collection of products we’ve assembled at CEDIA Expo 2011 will inspire and impress our dealers and ultimately, help them propel their projector business to a whole new level. We are convinced that SIM2, with its manufacturing experience, will once more prove that an excellent projector can only be brought to market by an experienced team of design and production experts.”

Whilst the CI world seems to be focusing on lowering prices, SIM2 is consistently staying its course of designing and manufacturing exclusive, high performance products that offer a unique and solid solution to CEDIA members that will facilitate their business growth for years to come.