SIM2 News
7 October 2008

Francis Ford Coppola Visits SIM2

the Maestro in Italy during the filming of his latest Masterpiece visits SIM2 Factory.

The factory of Italian projector manufacturer SIM2 recently hosted a visit by a legend of American cinema- Five Times Academy Award Winner Francis Ford Coppola. The director of the “Godfather” films, “Apocalypse Now,” “The Conversation” and many other classics visited the factory while filming his latest project in Europe.

While there, Coppola picked up the company’s PRO5DL video projector, which he will use to edit his new movie, “Tetro.” During the visit, Mr. Coppola also previewed the highly touted new Blu-ray version of “The Godfather.”

“It has been a great honour to receive Mr. Francis Ford Coppola and we feel privileged that he chose SIM2 as his brand of choice,” the company’s president, Maurizio Cini, said in a statement. “This represents the best acknowledgment of the company’s hard work in achieving excellence in technology, outstanding cinema-quality and service.”