SIM2 News
7 January 2008

SIM2 Showcases Its Award-Winning Cast at CES 2008

Las Vegas Hilton, Suite # 2910 in the Central Tower

Las Vegas, Nevada—January 2008 —SIM2, the Italian manufacturer whose striking high-performance HD home theater projectors are known worldwide for their pristine video and dramatic cabinet designs, will showcase its full line of front projection systems during the 2008 CES Show. Its award-winning cast will occupy three suites at the Las Vegas Hilton, Suite # 2910 in the Central Tower.

The Star of the Show
SIM2’s C3X 1080 is the smallest and highest-performing Full HD 3 Chip projector on the market, and is among the first to use Texas Instruments DLP Products’ latest DarkChip™4 chip to integrate superior contrast and benchmark quality 1080p video display offering the utmost in terms of performance, design and flexibility of installation.

The C3X 1080 proves to be creative tool for designers and installers alike, as it is capable of delivering an emotional impact in every application while complementing a room’s interior design. The C3X 1080 is housed in a stunning, high-gloss sculpted cabinet designed by Giorgio Revoldini with the company’s trademark, flowing lines. Revoldini, who has designed several SIM2 models, has won several prestigious international industrial design awards, including a 2006 Good Design medal, administered by the Chicago Athenaeum—a coveted award in industrial and graphic design.

Although diminutive in size, the C3X 1080 conceals truly powerful abilities and a great deal of technology. The projector is based on a trio of the latest 0.95-inch, 1080p DLP® chipsets from Texas Instruments, whose centerpiece, the DarkChip™4 DLP device, catalyzes an important increase in picture quality with improved blacks and superior brightness. DarkChip 4 helps the new 3-chip DLP SIM2 product achieve a combination of contrast, color, brightness, and resolution that repositions the digital imaging benchmark for a compact high-performance projector.

With the C3X 1080, SIM2 has created more than a mere reference-grade projector. Full-depth 10-bit video processing, with HD scaling and deinterlacing capabilities, maintains 1080p/24fps full-HD purity under actual content-playback conditions, and does much to upgrade the delivered perceived quality of lesser formats.

Supporting Cast
SIM2’s DOMINO D80E is the newest single-chip DLP®-based model, building on the success of the very popular award-winning original D80, by integrating key technology advancements trickled down from SIM2’s renowned Grand Cinema series. Perhaps just as important, the new DOMINO D80E carries no price premium over the original D80, with its M.S.R.P. remaining unchanged at ,495.
The D80E adds the Unishape™ lamp system, thereby raising the bar for entry-high-end projectors even higher.
Unishape™ yields greater light output per watt of consumption, further improving contrast so that the D80E DOMINO can produce an exceptional optimized contrast ratio (full on/off) of 4500:1. The benefits of combining, BrilliantColor™ and Unishape™ translate not only to greater dynamic impact for “pop” on bright scenes or image elements, but to substantial gains in contrast, increased by nearly 60% and more than double the light output when compared with the previous product.

The Grand Cinema HT3000E is SIM2’s premium single chip projector offering true, uncompressed 1920x1080 HDTV Resolution, thanks to a 0,95" 1080p DLP® chipset from Texas Instruments. Combining this chipset with full 10 bit video processing and the precision optics in SIM2's ALPHAPATH™ light engine, the HT3000E is able to reach a new level of cinematic realism in single chip projection.

And finally, the HT380, designed to be the perfect partner for HDTV, Blu- Ray and HD DVD, it also enables even standard definition sources to be reproduced at1080p resolution, thanks to its sophisticated on-board 10-bit video processing electronics. The HT380 is compatible with all video and graphics standards (including 1080p@24fps).

SIM2 and its award-winning cast bring the glamour of technology to Las Vegas.