DLP Projectors: SIM2xTV Line: SIM2xTV INV


  • Discreet high-tech display
  • Designed to be positioned close to the wall (just a few cm away)
  • SIM2 quality images up to 110 inches in size
  • No Screen needed. Image may be projected directly on the wall
  • Stylish made-in-Italy design
  • Crystal-glass finish for a luxurious feel
  • 16 special coating layers on the top crystal glass
  • Powered by Laser and DLP technology
  • Brightness up to 2900 lumens
  • Available in Black crystal-glass finish
  • Visit the dedicated website at WWW.SIM2XTV.COM

Product Detail:

Visit the dedicated website at WWW.SIM2XTV.COM

SIM2 xTV(1) is a discreet patented high-tech display device, available in either freestanding or built-in versions(2), designed to be positioned close to the wall, either standing on, or builtinto a piece of furniture - or even ceiling-mounted. For those who wish to seamlessly integrate the display into the home’s design and minimize the visual impact on the décor, SIM2 has engineered the SIM2xTV INV(3) model. SIM2xTV INV is designed to be incorporated(3) into a piece of furniture or, rather like a luxury light fixture, into a ceiling design feature, to become an integral part of your living space.

SIM2xTV(1) shares the same light engine specifications, but differs in its physical design. Custom bracketry and an adjustable light engine ensure that SIM2xTV INV can be perfectly positioned to the wall/screen. Specifically designed for discreet installations, SIM2xTV INV has micrometric adjustments(1) to achieve optimum alignment. SIM2xTV INV must be placed in a forced air flow rack design or furniture that uses fans or blowers to remove heat and ensure a steady flow of air through the rack enclosure. The finishing touch is that all that is visible is the luxurious, top crystal glass surface.

(1) Patents pending.
(2) Two models available: freestanding (SIM2 xTV) or built-in (SIM2 xTV INV)
(3) Contact your SIM2 Sales representative or SIM2 office or send an email to
sim2xtv@sim2.com for additional details, exact product measurements and
info on installation prior to order.

Technical Specs: