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User Manuals

M.150 - User Manual EN
English (1979Kb) M.150 User Guide (461043000) EN 1.8.pdf 04.16.2015
M.150 - User Manual ES
Spanish (1990Kb) M.150 User Guide (461043000) ES 1.8.pdf 04.16.2015
M.150 - User Manual PT-BR
Portuguese (2305Kb) M.150 User Guide (461043000) PT-BR 1.8.pdf 04.16.2015
Measures M.150 - PDF
Measures M.150 - PDF
English (977Kb) assieme mico 150.pdf 07.12.2012
Measures M.150 - AutoCAD
Measures M.150 - AutoCAD
English (13540Kb) assieme mico 150.dxf 07.12.2012
SIM2 Perfect Fit - EN
SIM2's Perfect Fit enables the projector to display 2.35/2.40:1 video material on a 2.35/2.40:1 aspect ratio screen without the black bars. This is achieved by re-sizing the image to fill the screen. In this way the projector is able to deliver the real theatrical aspect ratio.
English (117Kb) SIM2-Perfect-Fit.pdf 10.09.2015